Who is this?

Ryan Ashcroft

Ryan is the founder and owner of Old Bridge Design Solutions. He has been designing since 2001 and operating as a professional designer since 2011 when he began designing book covers. As the business grew, so did the number of orders for broader types of graphic design such as logos, business cards and posters and so the creation of this business was a natural step for him.

Random Fact

Ryan once spent 2 days hunting for the legendary ‘Bigfoot’ in New York’s Adirondack mountains. He didn’t find him.




 Who is this?

Rianne Rowlands

Rianne has been a freelance illustrator since 2006 and her amazing artistic talents have caught the attention of big company’s, rock bands, magazines and even a TV cartoon show. Rianne’s experience in logo design, posters, album artwork and merchandise make her a invaluable addition to any design team.

Random Fact

When Rianne was 11 years old she flew a plane and landed it on a beach!



What is this?

The_Old_Bridge,_Pontypridd_300This is the Old Bridge.


The Old Bridge is an arched, single-span footbridge (and landmark) with an interesting story. The bridge spans the river Taff in my hometown of Pontypridd but until 1746 the only way to get across was by using stepping stones which was really rubbish! So the the council commissioned an architect called William Edwards to design and build a three-arched stone bridge with 7 year warranty!


Bill finished the bridge later that year and that should have been that but 2 years later in 1748 it was destroyed in a storm! The weight and force of the debris from the flood built up against the abutments, which gave way and were then swept away down the river.
Newbridge,_PontypriddIt was back to the drawing board for Bill and he came up with a bold new design – a single arch! But the bridge was never complete, collapsing into a pile of rubble during building.
The third bridge was completed and was a complete success…for 6 weeks. It too collapsed under the enormous weight of the stone and Bill’s Bridge seemed doomed to failure but he didn’t give up. He went back to the drawing board and came up with an ingenious solution. He designed the fourth bridge with large cylindrical holes on either end that greatly reduced the weight and kept the bridge standing to this day.
My father Mike, is an artist that adopted the name Old Bridge Fine Art for many of his own projects over the years so it seems fitting that I adopted the name for my own work too.