Whether you are a leading global IT company or a start-up coffee shop, we deliver the same industry-standard level of work to all our clients. Contact us today for a free consultation or quote for your requirements either by filling out the form here or emailing us –




Your brand is more than just a pretty logo. The function of company branding is all about identity in the marketplace, it’s one of the very first things your potential customers see will so it needs to make an immediate positive impression.




Got an idea for a project? Are you a band that needs EP or Album artwork? Need some characters designed? How about a personalized portrait of a loved one? Get in touch.




VA_web graphicsWeb Graphics

Web graphics covers everything from optimised social media banners to website images. When designing for the web its important not to make the file size as small as possible while maximising image quality.


3D Product Promo

3D is often under-utilised by other design company’s and its impact left unrealised in areas where it could reap massive benefits such as branding, product design and promotion, interior design and info-graphics. 3D is very much embraced here at OB Design Solutions and its usage has enriched our output with fantastic results. Check it out.


Book Covers

I see badly designed covers every day and it pains me (and often humors me!). So our aim is to multiply the value of books by designing eye-catching covers that are hard to ignore. We buy and composite high quality, licensed imagery from the best photographers, illustrators and designers on the web to create covers that hold their own next to best sellers.


We love poster design! Let’s be honest, looking through all the funny MS Publisher clipart images was the only thing that got us through IT lessons back in school! Any excuse to create a poster, no event too small! We’ve come a long way since the days of repetitive border design and cheesy disproportionate illustrations though!